Bravo’s Grey Area Wrap Party

In honor of the completion and release of Bravo’s first official solo LP “Grey Area”,

there will be a celebration THIS Wednesday, June 30th from 9pm-2am

@ The Mercury Lounge
Thank you all,

Bravo & Yours Truly Music
via Dollhouse





Yours Truly Music & DJ E-V present Bravo’s Grey Area


One thought on “Bravo’s Grey Area Wrap Party

  1. mscreamofthecrop says:

    I had a blast at the Wrap Party!!!

    Bravo got on the mic and blessed us with an impromptu mini concert of his album the “Grey Area”. Frank West also graced the “stage” with his wonderful voice for some of the hooks that he was featured on from the album.

    I met an R&B singer Brooke who is another wonderful Cleveland talent.

    All in all it was a wonderful night!!

    Shout out to the bartender who was on her “A” game when it came to the Patron Margaritas!!

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