Lorain OHHA Showcase Update…

I think I’m going to switch things up a bit and use everyone’s Twitter names for the showcase Wrap Up’s, make sure you follow them on Twitter to keep up with everything that’s going on in their world. Their all interesting people and you’ll be glad you did…on that not @mscreamofthecrp is a great person to follow (3rd person shout out!)

Tonight’s @OHIOHIPHOPAWARD showcase was held at Lorain’s Elite Lounge with DJ Studda on the 1’s and 2’s. If you’ve never been to Lorain I must say that their police force is strong and in full effect…#thatisall!

I didn’t judge this showcase I was actually working the door, but I did get to peep a few of the performances and I was able to see the last two MC’s battle it out to be named battle champ of Lorain.

Eventhough I wasn’t near the stage I was able to see and hear the crowd. Lorain supports their artists and they rocked with them all night and showed mad love!! The crowd went HARD!! The artists went even harder!!

I was slightly disappointed to see such a small town go way harder than Cleveland but, it is what it is.

Shout out to all the hard working  judges @reallyrashida, @AshleighVeV, @WarrenDucketts, @MajesticOH10, Dale, and @ladyPhabulous who was the lovely host of the evening.

Of course @BigHeff was in the building repping @OHIOHIPHOPAWARD in true OG fashion with promo material, Vitamin Water for the artists, and helping me keep the door “sane”.

@Caine2, @DOUBLEOPROMO, and Team Double O came thru for support and passed out @Caine2″s “No Handz” Mixtape. If you haven’t coped that yet make sure you do, he brings the heat on that joint.

@Corey_Bapes slid thru promoting his 21st Bday bash, July 14th it’s going down at Dream Nightclub, his mixtape drops the same day, make sure you come out and support.

Battle time!!!

My favorite part of the showcase is the MC battle.  Leak Jones of Flame Gang ate everybody for breakfast, lunch and dinner and he was actually coming off the top of the dome!! I don’t know how he contains all of that in such a small body, but he left the stage on fire!!!

Overall the Lorain show went hard and the battle went even harder…can’t wait until our next stop…Akron. I hope they bring it!!

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