From Bruises To Beauty…(@ReallyRashida)


Books, Bass, & Beauty!

Meet Rashida aka Really Rashida the author.

I started Books, Bass, & Beauty in 2009 to educate, entertain, and empower today’s Black woman.
I was born and bred on the city streets of Cleveland, Ohio.  I have experienced drug abuse, domestic violence, happiness, heartache, love, and street life first hand.  I now use my life’s journey and the wisdon I’ve gained along the way as the influence behind my stories, books, blog posts, poetry, and advice.  Now I have a wealth of information that I can pass along to you guys. Enjoy!

Contact Information:
For questions, comments, and/or concerns please contact:

Rashida Williams



Told through the fictional tale of Tracey and Sandra, I mix my signature style of street lit with my personal advice to give you a self-empowerment eBook that reads like a juicy novel.

Also check out Rashida’s merchandise store:

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