“Eastside Westside” – Epic (Ahptimus Prime x Phenom) (@Pheens, @AHPTIMUSPRIME)

New video and song release (free download) from Phenom and Ahptimus Prime of Cleveland, OH. Phenom and Ahptimus Prime have been working on a project together, codenamed “Epic”. The album is scheduled for an October release date. Their first single release is “Eastside Westside” and is co-produced by Phenom and Ahptimus Prime. The video was shot and edited by Phenom and Ahptimus Prime for West41Side Studios, all using the Go Pro Hero. This song is a smooth track that you can ride to. It’s melodic sample and leads set the perfect tone for any evening. But you be the judge! Phenom and Ahptimus Prime can be contacted at West41SideStudios@gmail.com. Also, be sure to follow the West41Side Blog for all updates, music, videos, and flick West41Side.

Download Link: http://www.hulkshare.com/y66xb9768ohs

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