Will Killer Mike get a dose of “Higher Learning” for his ‘Reagan’ track?

Some are calling Killer Mike the God Son and others may not be giving praises to said Allah. If you have NO idea who Killer Mike is…well…

More than a decade in the game, a Grammy under his belt and several critically acclaimed albums Killer Mike is back to set the record straight for all of the non believers, those living with their eyes wide shut, and knowledge seekers.

I immediately thought of John Singleton’s movie ‘Higher Learning’ when I first heard this track…people from all walks of like, who encounter racism and learn the true meaning of an education, but at what cost? I’ll let you be the judge of this track…

Should Killer Mike “go off the grid” as he stated in one of the verses…will Illuminati seek him out?

Killer Mike – “Reagan” (Official Music Video)

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