Just A Thing [Official Music Video] (@ponziskeem)

Two-one-six, through and through, Ponzi Skeem, is an understated talent in the Cleveland Hip-Hop community. Ask “Skeem” what his inspirations are and he won’t take long to answer, “Good Music, no gimmicks.” Skeem provides an eclectic blend of gritty beats reminiscent of the mid 90′s hip-hop revolution, witty word play and substance. His secret weapon is his production; which compliments his marksman precise lyrical delivery. His next project, entitled P.E.A.C.E., was created with the intentions to tear down the negative perception of Cleveland has battled for many years. The Cleveland music scene has long complained of a “crabs in the barrel” mentality amongst its’ artists with out any sight of a solution. P.ositive E.nergy A.scending C.leveland E.tertainment is more than the title of his upcoming project, but a movement towards positive energy and creative collaboration of the artists, video directors, producers, and executives of the Cleveland Entertainment Scene!

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