2 Chainz “Used 2” [VID]

2 Chainz paid homage to New Orleans own ‘Hot Boyz’ with this new banger, ‘Used 2’. Not only is the beat by legendary Manny Fresh but the video was shot in New Orleans and features almost every member of the ‘Hot Boyz’, with the exception of BG, thus the “Free BG” T-shirts and Birdman.

It was great to see Lil Wayne, Juvie, Mannie Fresh and Turk together…felt like the late 90’s early 2000’s when BET was still cool to watch and MTV still played videos! They didn’t leave anything out of the treatment…white T’s, except Lil Wayne…guess he didn’t get the memo, gold chains, gold teeth, hood tattoos, Pitt Bulls jumping for Bologna, dancing lil’ kids, the neighborhood twerk team, person in wheel chair, the old guy with the cane and hood scenery shots! Yup they covered all the bases to help bring back that ole ‘Hot Boyz’ nostalgic feel! Check the videos below for comparison:

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