***DOPE NEW MUSIC*** C.O.N.G.L.O.M.O. – All In [VID] @conglomonation

If you guys could imagine the number of tags, posts, and comments from artists who say, “Go Click the Link In my Bio.”  I wish you guys could see my face when I see these requests!!! Ugh, do you know what I’m doing right NOW? Do you know how much time I would spend “clicking links in Bios” if I actually did that? I usually ask artist to email the link to me and I’ll check them out when it’s convenient for me. Sometimes the music is a hit and other times it’s a MAJOR miss…welllll this time it was…I’ll let you be the judge…

C.O.N.G.L.O.M.O. is a hip hop group based out of Cleveland, OH. Our members are SupaKid (the lyricist), Rose Gold (the producer), and DJ B Young. We have a pure love of music and have been extremely passionate since the group formed over five years ago. We have consistently worked on developing our sound and our own identity in hip hop and have gotten to this point through persistence and the belief in our dreams. Striving for the best has kept us pushing forward and we aren’t stopping until C.O.N.G.L.O.M.O. becomes a household name worldwide

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