Farewell President Obama


President Obama gave his heartwarming farewell speech lastnight via NBC News.

Millions tuned in as he recounted his days as the United States Commander in Chief. The speech was filled with the same Panache that we saw in during his first Inaugural speech 8yrs ago. The same tears streamed down faces as they did 8yrs ago. The same heartstrings were pulled as they were 8yrs ago.

President Obama spoke of all of the accomplishments that United States achieved under his watch all while encouraging Citizens to continue the great work. He Empowered us to not allow Social Media trolls, negative media, and any other distraction to derail us from the plans that were laid during the past 8yrs.

Mr. Obama thanked his beautiful wife as he gently wiped tears from his eyes with his Presidential handkerchief. “Michelle Lashaun Obama from the Southside.” he called out; as we all began to ball our eyes out. He thanked his lovely daughters, Vice President Joe Biden and the U.S. Military.

Watching him speak and realizing that this would be the last time he would be the President of the United States of America caused a wave of emotions to come over me. I thought of the day he arrived in Cleveland, OH to speak outside, in the baseball stadium of Cleveland State University. I was there with my daughter, standing in the FREEZING rain, barely tall enough to see (I’m 5’2″), but I could see enough. President Obama didn’t flinch, he didn’t ask for an umbrella and he didn’t complain. He thanked us for being there, told us how proud he was of us and gave one of the most moving speeches I’ve ever heard in person.

Thank you President Barack Husein Obama for all that you’ve done for our country, thank you First Lady Michelle Lashaun Obama for being gracious, smart, and involved in the positive affairs of our Community. You have left an everlasting affect on us all…you will truly be missed.


United States & Cream, Lol!

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