Show your support for ending extreme poverty by 2030 by purchasing the IMPACK – the Global Citizen ‘action pack’.

As seen on The Today Show, the Global Citizen IMPACK was created in collaboration with Conscious Commerce to give Global Citizens all you need to take action to on vaccines, education, sanitation and youth. 100% of the net profits from the IMPACK are going to support organizations leading the fight against extreme poverty.

By purchasing the IMPACK, you can redeem eight (8) Global Citizen points, which you can use to enter the draw for tickets to hundreds of Global Citizen Tickets shows around the US.

Inside the pack you’ll find everything you need to make an impact. The Global Citizen IMPACK includes a Global Citizen H&M t-shirt, Pura Vida shareable bracelets, a USB keychain with content from Global Citizen Festival artists, a door sign, a Global Citizen sticker pack, and an activation booklet.

What You’ll Get:

Product details: Organic Cotton ‘Conscious’ t-shirt from H&M; Unisex fit
Campaign supporting: #ShowYourSeflie is a global campaign by the United Nations Population Fund and Global Citizen that aims to generate the largest photo petition in the world to handover to world leaders in September 2015 to ensure that all countries invest in the rights and needs of adolescents and youth.
Action to take: Support this campaign by taking a photo in your shirt and sharing it on social media with the hashtag #ShowYourSelfie or by uploading your photo directly to
Global Citizen Bracelets: FOR VACCINES
Product details: Pura Vida bracelets, one red, one black – unisex, adjustable
Campaign supporting: Global Citizens are campaigning to enable the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI) to raise $7.5 billion to help immunize an additional 300 million children between 2016-2020, saving between 5 million and 6 million lives.
Action to take: Give one bracelet to a friend and ask them to sign the petition at
“I’m Busy Giving A Sh*t” Bathroom Door Sign: FOR SANITATION
Product details: Custom Made sign to fit on any door
Campaign supporting: Almost one in three people worldwide still live without adequate sanitation – that’s almost 2.2 billion people. Global Citizens are campaigning for sanitation awareness and in support of the Water for the World Act. To do this, we are putting pressure on Congress to pass the Water or the World Act and making sure sanitation is a clear priority as the UN finalizes its plans for the next 15 years.
Action to take: Support this campaign my taking a photo of your door sign and share your photo on social media using the hashtag #IMPACK.
Global Citizen USB Keychain: FOR EDUCATION
Product details: Custom Made, includes exclusive content and campaign details
Campaign supporting: There are 58 million kids around the world who are denied an education – 31 million of whom are girls. Global Citizens are campaigning for the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), who are working to ensure 29 million kids can go to school by 2018. The USB jump drive is packed with music from festival artists including Tiësto and The Roots.
Action to take: Support this campaign by clicking the links to take further action on and watch the video to earn points.
Global Citizen Sticker Pack: FOR ACTIVISM
Product details: Custom Made
Campaign supporting: Global Citizen- Become a part of the movement to end extreme poverty by 2030
Action to take: Stay engaged and show your support. STICK with us and help spread the message to join the movement to end extreme poverty.
Growing Hope:
Product details: Growing HOPE is MSNBC’s invitation to share your hopes for change. Whether related to access to vaccines, improved sanitation, education, or a different topic, your hope can inspire action.
Action to take: Share your hope using the enclosed card — it could be featured on-air!
Where do the funds raised go?
100% of the net profits from the pack are going to support organizations leading the fight against extreme poverty, such as UNICEF and its partners, who are working to improve the health and security of children everywhere by improving access to safe, clean toilets.

Purchase your IMPACK here!!

T.E.T. Entertainment Presents: Sunday Dinner Cypher 3 (Round 1) #Villa #HipHopDigital #ItsTheR

Check out round 1 of the Sunday Dinner Cypher 3: Prince Tay, Stylion, and Gifted

Video shot and edited by Hip Hop Digital, hosted by Ms. Cream of the Crop and DJ Stroke!


T.E.T. Entertainment gives back: Sunday Dinner Cypher x Villa x The City Mission

Sunday-Dinner-Villa-Flyer Nov

November 17th the #SundayDinnerCypher #3 is going down!!! | The LAST one of 2013!!! | Some SUPER dope Emcees and Femcees are set to blaze venue | Sponsored by: @tetentertainment & #Villa | Hosted by yours truly | Beat by @dolohustle Videography by #HipHopDigital Photography by @rlamarphotos our official DJ @djstroke | Of course @woodchopwoodchains will be in the building with their new lookbook | We’re collecting blankets & sheets for #TheCityMission special thanks to them for the collaboration | See you there!!! | Let’s go!!!

Urban Madness Presents: Sole of A Woman, Celebrating Women’s Health Month 2013

T.E.T. Entertainment helped Urban Madness bring you the very first “Sole of A Woman” Expo in 2010, bringing awareness to Domestic Violence. This year Urban Madness brings the “Sole of A Woman” Expo back…Celebrating Women’s History Month & bringing Awareness to MS…March 3, 2013

For more info go to:

To purchase tickets click the link!buy-tickets/c1zri


The official AUMAs and the Atlanta Underground Music Academy


T.E.T. Entertainment has been invited to the AUMA’s as special guest for the 2nd year in a row!! The founder of the AUMA’s will be opening the doors to the Atlanta Underground Music Academy. We have signed on a sponsors for both the awards show & new academy. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor please go here: #AUMAS

The Atlanta Underground Music Awards promises to be the most spectacular event of the year!  We want to offer you the opportunity to get involved and be a part of one of the largest live music shows held in Atlanta, GA.

We welcome all Artists, both signed and unsigned! The entire weekend is structured to give indie artists exposure and the chance to receive and exchange a wealth of knowledge with others Industry.

For more information on the Atlanta Underground Music Awards visit:

Rock your ‘stache for Movember!!


November is better known as Movember in support of Men’s Health. Most of the time when you mention November most people immediately think of the holiday celebrated with close friends and family that’s filled with massive spreads and elastic waist pants.  Well November should also prompt you to “Rock your ‘stache” in support of the man/men in your life and those around you.

While most of the efforts of the Movember Foundation are geared towards the awareness of prostate and testicular cancer they are also spreading the word of men’s health in general. Here are a few facts found on their site (

Awareness and Education

Did you know that each Movember moustache grown in 2011 sparked a total of 2,413 conversations around men’s health?

Often it’s the funds raised by a charity that are remembered, but equally important, especially at Movember, is the awareness raised through the power of the moustache. Its awareness that educates and prompts people to take action and change behavior. It’s awareness and education that can ultimately save lives.

On average men die five to six years younger than women. The suicide rate is four times higher for men than women and more than five men die prematurely each hour from potentially preventable illnesses.

Hard hitting facts; especially when you consider there’s no biological disadvantage putting men at greater risk and, according to research, up to half of male cancer cases could be prevented by making healthier diet and lifestyle choices.

The reasons for the current state of men’s health are numerous and complex, but Movember’s Awareness and Education program is working hard to change the way men take care of themselves and handle the health issues they face.

Movember’s Awareness & Education Program > Overview
Movember’s tagline, changing the face of men’s health, aptly describes participating in Movember – changing your appearance by growing a moustache for 30 days, and the outcome – changing the understanding and attitudes men have towards their health. The Mo is Movember’s ribbon; it’s the catalyst for change.

The appearance of a moustache on a usually clean shaven man prompts conversation and, throughout the month, men are constantly asked, ‘why the Mo?’ Justification and an explanation follow; resulting is a highly effective and authentic word-of-mouth campaign.

Is Movember Making a Difference?
Is all this moustache-generated chat making a difference? Without doubt, yes it is. Each member of the Mo community is helping to change the face of men’s health.

The video above highlights the findings from Movember’s global research, showcasing the impact our Awareness & Education program is having. At its core, Movember is a word-of-mouth campaign driven by in-person communication and reinforced through digital media. In fact, 67% of people first hear about Movember through word-of-mouth.

Other US specific findings from the research show that during the month of Movember:

 69% of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas had a general check up with their doctor
 79% discussed their health with friends, family, and colleagues
 70% talked about specific men’s health issues
 67% recommended that someone else see a doctor
 43% became more aware and educated about the health risks they face

This research shows that participation in Movember propels men to proactively engage in the management of their health. However, findings also highlighted that some men had ignored an issue rather than go to a doctor. This is proof that there is still work to be done. Movember has a responsibility to continue educating men and raising awareness around the men’s health issues that affect them.

Movember’s Awareness & Education program is delivered through a number of different mechanics, including our education materials, website, events, ambassador program, media relations and campaign creative. If you’d like to hear more about the detail, please get in touch with the team at Movember by emailing or calling (310) 450-3331.

Going forward, Movember will continue to invest, develop and grow its Education and Awareness program, with a view to changing the actions and attitudes of men, related to their health, around the world.