My Interview with Hustle Island

I am always grateful for new opportunities to tell my story, bring awareness to my brand and allow others to get to know me a little more. When I received the email from Hustle Island in regards to offering interviews with fellow Entrepreneurs, I quickly responded!

Take a few minutes to check out my short interview and let me know your thoughts on my responses (negativity will be blocked and deleted).

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Author Really Rashida releases new book ‘Toxic’ [@reallyrashida]

Toxic Really Rashida

Author Rashida Williams aka Really Rashida begins her book tour this month: Make sure go to & check out our interview #TheToxicTour #WelcomeToCreamsWorld

Happy New Year!!!


New Year is a time for celebration of love, of life, of Friendship.
Therefore, it is the time to be thankful for wonderful friends, love ones, and acquaintances, and to bring to their lives as much magic as they bring to ours. Have a happy and a memorable holiday!

Please make sure you keep up with our team and affiliates throughout the year, we have several fun and exciting new things coming up that we’d like to share with you and all your friends!! We appreciate the support you’ve shown thus far!!


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I don’t think you have it in you…

I follow @Sexstrology on Twitter and they posted a link to their blog ( titled “How to Seduce A Capricorn Woman”. Im a woman and I’m a Capricorn so of course I was intrigued to read the post to see how inaccurate it would be…but it turns out the post was dead on!!! I decided to re-post it on my blog…don’t ever say I’ve never given you anything…Read & seduce me!!! Lol!


“Her sheer audacity is what captivated you. Her actions are laced with a bold power that is so calm and natural you are in awe. A Capricorn woman can just simply be present and everyone around her stands at attention. Whether it is professional or personal, she commands the room by just breathing. People want to know her and what makes her tick. I am proud of you from seeing past her commonly perceived “ice queen” veneer. She does have a passion that burns but its exertion is cool and controlled. Recognizing this within her is one step closer to proving your worth and securing her attentions.

Controlled is a very apt word to describe Capricorns. In control of their emotions, their actions and their course in life, their sign is the embodiment of “calm, cool and collected”. They need that control because they are a walking contradiction. Deep underneath that cool veneer is a warm and tender woman. It simmers just beneath her surface but feels no need to show itself unless there is a damn good reason to. High standards are something she has in spades so it will take more than cutesy creativity to see beneath that exterior.

To be completely honest, you might lose faith before you get anywhere with her. You may go through a period of time where you feel you have exhausted all your resources. Her sign is notorious for having walls as high as the Sears Tower and fortified like Ft. Knox. It is likely you may not even get in the front door as her friend the first time around. This woman has all the patience in the world and isn’t afraid to use it. She doesn’t need a partner but eventually she will want one. The secret to making her want is to simply be the warmth that melts her ice.

For the strong women of the zodiac, often times they secretly appreciate when their partner is the one that takes a certain amount of control. The Capricorn woman is one of them. There is no rushing seduction and there is no margin for error. Slow and steady wins you this race for her heart. The best relationships with a Capricorn are those that stem from a natural progression. Befriend her and keep personal tidbits to a minimum. Early conversations should be light hearted and general. You let her in as she lets you in and before you know it there are quiet dinners for two in the privacy of her own home.

Privacy is another important notion to a Capricorn. Over exuberant public displays of affection, everyone and their mother knowing all of your business and gossips have no place in her life. She values intimacy and likes to keep her personal life tucked neatly behind closed doors. No one but you two need to know what is going on. Over time, as your comfort levels grow, you can initiate a subtle public display of affection. Just let her take it as far as she is comfortable with.

So you have taken the time and asserted yourself in her life. While being a constant you have gone along with her program and actively given as much as you received. By now she should be comfortable with you and feel a level of security that she can let you underneath her armor. Start paying attention when she does little things for you almost like a personal assistant. This is her way of showing interest and wanting to move forward.

Capricorns are always calculating and planning. Once she starts doing little things for you she is probably beginning to think of ways to seduce you. By now you have seen her some of her warmth and you want more. Meet her halfway with a little bit of confidence. Coy yet sincere flirting, in private, will get you where you want to go. Be creative. Being able to smile at something only the two of you would know racks up plenty of brownie points in your favor.

Just because she may try to seduce you or respond to your advances does not mean you off the hook. Of course be yourself (better have been this entire time) but understand at any time before you get official status confirmation, you can be tossed aside. You will know when she trusts in you and feels secure. While it may seem as if the heavens open up and angels start to sing, you will feel the shift in your relationship. When you get a chance to look back, you will see its natural progression and feel a rightful sense of achievement.

One of the many benefits to being with a Capricorn woman is their greatest secret. The phase “a lady in the streets but a freak between the sheets” definitely applies to them. All her seriousness and calm exterior gets left at the bedroom door. When that door closes, she all about play time with you. Capricorns are so sexual that the thought alone could arouse them. She is very mischievous and adventurous in bed. She adores the feeling and emotions that come with passionate and intimate sex. You will get to benefit from her adoration.

There IS something delicious in the power of “I know something you don’t know”. The Capricorn woman harnesses that power every day. She doesn’t feel the need to advertise her worth; she understands she is a gift. She understands that she is worth all the things she tries so hard to obtain and so much more. She likes having her lives separate. Her personal relationships are her reward for the hard work she puts into her professional life, something just for her. She is just as cautious and devoted in her personal relationships as she is her professional, making sure that each are the best they can be. Just don’t give up on her. She may take her time but once she gets there the rewards are priceless.” (

What a day…

I had a really great day today well yesterday since it is now 3am.

I had lunch with a homie that I haven’t seen in 2 years!!! It felt like we had just spoken yesterday. We talk about personal things, business things, and everything in between and it was great. (The DIVAS are back muhfuggas!!!)

I am the type of person to admit my faults apologize when needed and get things in order when they seem to be a bit off.

I really appreciate those that have been there for me no matter what and understand as women, as human beings; we all go thru alot of things in life that cause us to pull away.

I am the first person to admit that I can be stand offish at times. I like to view things from a different perspective. I know that this comes from the fact that I don’t trust many people and have been hurt several times by “friends”. I also know that it isn’t fair to make people suffer for others wrong doings but eh life isn’t fair at all, so deal with it!

I have learned to trust my instinct, keep my mouth shut when upset and only voice my anger to myself or in writing because I can’t betray myself. I can’t misconstrue my own words and I can’t be angry if someone has the audacity to go back and tell someone that I was pissed and said a few things in my time of anger if I keep my mouth closed. So for that I apologize to those who may have felt the wrath of my anger thru the words of others. There are 3 sides to every story and only 1 truth. I will never defend myself against anyone that isn’t worth being “friends” with. Real friends know their real friends and can decipher bullshit from the truth.

Please know that I know who my ride or dies are and I know who the users are…you’re not that smart! (SMFH)

Anywho….my brunch/meeting/girl talk date was grandtabulous and brings me further along my journey.

The second meeting that I had today was also very wonderful. I met two young women, Quiana and Erin, who have decided to start their own Non-Profit organization called “The Jelly Bean Foundation”.

I was asked to be apart of their board and help plan and execute fundraiser, events, etc.

I am very excited to embark on this endeavor and will be posting more information about the foundation soon.

I will close with my favorite quote: “Always remember to be a First Rate version of YOURSELF; Instead of a Second Rate version of SOMEONE ELSE.”-Judy Garland

I think I will always close with that quote. Why not it’s my blog!

Pulled over at a Twilight

I surprised my daughter with tickets to the midnight premiere  of “Twilight Eclipse”. As you can see from our T’s we were definitely rooting for different teams. She #teamJacob and of course I’m #teamEdward.

I was never a fan of Twilight at all, never wanted to see the movies and had no interest in reading the books. Lo and behold one boring day my daughter had the first two movies and I watched them. I tried my best to be sooooo not into the first movie, but somehow I was drawn in and couldn’t wait to pop in the second DVD; which left me wanting and waiting to see the trilogy.

We left the house about 45 mins before the start time of the movie hoping that the line wouldn’t be wrapped around the building. I purchased the tickets from the Regal Theatre in Severance because it’s down the street from my office which mad it oh so convenient. So we’re on our way to see the movie and of course we’re in Cleveland Heights so I don’t need to go any further for those of you reading this that live in the Cleveland area. We are all aware of the “Heights Police”.

I noticed that there were about 5 police cars with someone pulled over.

We’re sitting at a red light…it turns green…I get ready to begin driving…we’re 5 mins from the theatre…15 mins from start time…and my daughter says mommy the police are behind you with their lights on. Ok, cool…I wasn’t speeding, music was turned completely off, and my plates are not expired. I pull to the side thinking that they must be going after someone else. NOPE!!!!  I was getting pulled over!!!

What? Why? Huh?

The officer gets out of his car and says, “Ma’am you’re being pulled over because you don’t have plates on the front of your vehicle.”

Me, “Sorry officer my plates are in my glove compartment because the front of my truck doesn’t have the holes for the screws to put the plate on, and I’m on my way to  Severance to take my daughter to see the new Twilight movie.”

Officer, “Do you have your license? It is a state law to have your plates on the front and rear of your vehicle. Where did you say you were going? Is the address on the front of your license your correct address?” Me, “Yes sir the address is correct and we’re going to Severance to see Twilight.” Officer, “Ok. I’ll be back.”

Sydney and I were waiting and I’m thinking to myself, “Why Oh why did I buy tickets to the theatre in Cleveland Heights…how much is this dumb ticket going to cost…are they going to tow my truck…and what in the world am I going to do if my daughter misses the movie?” Meanwhile Sydney calmly pulls out her phone and plays a game and dances to whatever music was in her head *KanyeShrug*.

The officer returns with his lil ticket giver pad and says. “I need you to sign here and put your telephone number here.”

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!! I’m getting a damn ticket!!!! (I’m saying this in my head)

Officer, “This doesn’t take any points off of your license nor do you have to appear in court. You have until Monday to get your plate put on the front of your vehicle. Once you do bring your ticket and your truck up to City Hall and an officer will come out and make sure you have it in place and the ticket will then be waived.”

Me with a huge smile on my face, “Oh, Thank you so much officer have a great night.”

Officer, “No problem ma’am and make sure you remove that sign you have around your rear plate because if you happen to pass by an officer that is really out to give tickets you may receive on since half of your sticker is covered up. Make sure you take care of that and have a good time at the movies.”

Wow! I have never liked any of the Heights officers but I guess there’s a first for everything.

We finally make it to the very packed theatre with our blankets in hand and enjoy….Twilight Eclipse.

Since I don’t want to spoil the ending for those of you who haven’t seen it yet I won’t tell you who Bella ends up with but I will say that I’m still #teamEdward!!!!