Ms. Cream of the Crop, Conversations with Cream

Conversations with Cream, is my take on Self Improvement aka Self-Empowerment (That’s what I like to call it) from a personal perspective. There are so many Self-Help “Gurus” that the market seems to be over-saturated and most people don’t feel “helped.”

I’ve been a podcaster for over 10yrs, however, my initial podcast no longer served a purpose on my new journey. I took my own advice and decided to start over from scratch.

This isn’t a, “You SHOULD do this!” podcast. This is a, “Let’s discuss where we f*cked up, acknowledge the issue, outline how we’re going to fix it and move forward.”

Occasionally, I’ll have guests on the show who’ll have random, self-empowerment Conversations with Cream.

Donte's Gift Express Conversations With Cream

Donté Gibbs , Founder of Donte's Gift Express , sat down virtually with me to discuss this year's Community initiatives.
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