Payment Sunglasses?

Visa Announcements: Payment Sunglasses & World Surf League

Surf Speakeasy Event at the Visa Everywhere Lounge

When our station, 216 The Beat Radio, received word during SXSW that VISA would be showcasing “payment sunglasses” we were confused yet intrigued.

I am an accessories junky and always looking for an excuse to purchase new sunnies. My collection holds a near and dear spot in my heart and takes of 3 drawers of my dresser (Lol!). You could say that I’m one of those people who doesn’t misplace or breaks my sunglasses and would find this to be ideal for someone like me. I could see myself rocking these at the beach, music festival or at a baseball game (Go Tribe!). These would be especially convenient for those in the media field (photographers, videographers, etc.) who are bogged down with equipment and a wallet is one less thing they’ll have to carry. I can’t wait to test these out (hint…hint…) and see just how much time and effort wearing these actually saves. For more information on the launch…

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Rihanna – Stay (cover) (VID) by NessaCary [@nessacary]


Rihanna remake (cover) by NessaCary aka Nessa Nubbz (female rapper/singer)
VIDEO SHOT BY @dricdolla
instagram: nessacary
twitter: @nessacary
facebook: Nessacary aka Nessa Nubbz

Splash Rob (@SplashRob) L.O.L. The Mixtape

DL Mixtape Here:

Mixtape Track List:

01. Splash Rob – Intro (1:16)

02. Splash Rob – Same Damn Time (2:07)

03. Splash Rob – Izzy (1:52)

04. Splash Rob Feat. Ladi Dadi, Dame B & AE Rich – I Just Wanna F*ck (3:49)

05. Splash Rob – Skit (0:54)

06. Splash Rob Feat. Dame B – Face God (3:03)

07. Splash Rob Feat. Mista Man & AE Rich – Take Yo Bitch (3:41)

08. Splash Rob Feat. Dame B – Suspended (3:48)

09. Splash Rob Feat. Mista Man – #SOTT (Rack City) (2:46)

10. Splash Rob – Trickin’ (3:15)

11. Splash Rob – Groupie (3:40)

12. Splash Rob – Cypher (2:10)

13. Splash Rob Feat. Mista Man – Damn (2:50)

14. Splash Rob – 4 Da Boppers (1:23)

15. Splash Rob – Ramen Noodle (2:55)

16. Splash Rob – Skit (0:23)

17. Splash Rob – I Blew It (2:04)

18. Splash Rob Feat. Dame B – Fall Off My Bike (2:38)

19. Splash Rob Feat. Wuan – Tired Of School (3:24)

20. Splash Rob – Think Bout You (1:15)

21. Splash Rob – Eggroll (3:27)

22. Splash Rob Feat. AE Rich, Dame B & Noon – IHop (Bonus) (5:33)


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Cleveland Urban Film Festival / HIP HOP on FILM EDITION



Tickets are only $10 which includes a short film and a feature that will immediately follow


Choose a Day Pass for only $25



10    am – Auditorium Presentation – ART WORK BY ROBIN EASTER & ALEXIA LOUNDS

10:30am – Two or three animated shorts  or one short film

11:00am – Feature –  Hip- Hop Battle

12:30 –     Break

1:30pm –  Two or three animated shorts or one short film

2:00pm –  Feature – I Want My Name Back – Sugar Hill Gang Documentary

3:30pm-  Break

4:30pm – Intro Magazine – presents – C.J. Platinum Unplugged

5:00pm – Feature – The Game Ain’t 4 Everyone

7:00pm – Reception – Meet – n- Greet – Lobby or Lower Level

900pm – END

The Salvation Army Creative Arts Youth Program (March 2nd-3rd)

The Entertainment community of Cleveland is coming together to volunteer this weekend to teach our youth about the struggle, success, hardwork and dedication we put in to fulfill our dreams. This weekend is about the youth as we transform THEM to US! This Friday, March 2, 2012, there will be performances and guest speakers from our Who’s Who of Cleveland Entertainment.

Special invited guests and instructors include:

Young Ray aka Ray Jr., Ray Cash, Tropikana, Nic Rebel, Pj Braxton, Sam Bell, Dre Walton, Sean Sarel, Collab on Da Track, Dj Phenom, Dj Candymack , Dj Johnny O, John Bruton, T.E.T. Entertainment, Bana Mane, Young Mike, Mr. Ohio, Ladi Dadi, CJ Platinum, Caine, & many more Come out Join us Friday, March 2nd at 6p & Saturday, March 3rd 6p