Fabolous The Icon | Key to Brooklyn

Icon Talks Dinner in Honor of Icon Awards Recipient Fabolous.

Moments captured by GerardVictor ( @justgerard )

Held at Manhattan Motorcars

Stills by Evan Pierce (@evanpierce)

On Thursday March 9th in Brooklyn we celebrated Fabolous receiving an Icon Award. Also the 20 year anniversary of B.I.G.’s passing. Sponsored by Icon Talks and Porsche,
held at the Historical Brooklyn Borough Hall with several special invited guests.

Moments captured by Gerard Victor
Stills by Evan Pierce

Talib Reads Jay-Z: Dramatic Interpretations [VID]


Listen to Talib’s latest “Prisoner of Conscious” as well as Jay-Z’s “Moment of Clarity”: http://goo.gl/3WE9f

Songs lyrics can be hypnotic, poetic, seductive or inscrutable, and we’ve all had moments where we wonder about the meaning of a specific line or a stanza. For our “Dramatic Interpretations” series, Google Play presents some of today’s top artists with a classic song verse, and asks them to give a reading of it as well as present their own interpretation. The results are funny, and offer insight into both the artist and the song. Here Talib Kweli reads a verse from Jay-Z’s “Moment of Clarity”.

Watch Talib at SXSW 2012: http://goo.gl/VNSHc
Subscribe to Google Play: http://goo.gl/UX1U4

Fabolous Ft. Pusha T – Life Is So Exciting [Official Video]

How can you go wrong with a Fab & Pusha T track? And, the video is niiiiice (in my Fab voice)!