Cream Joins Buzzing Creatives


#GoodMorning winners! πŸ‘‘
I’m so excited about being the #BuzzingCreatives First Guest Speaker!
Join us on JULY 25 – 12 pm pst / 3 pm est

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#TOPIC: Customer Retention & Brand Awareness!

Ms. Cream of the Crop is the owner of T.E.T. Entertainment LLC and 216 The Beat Radio Station.
She is a Solopreneur consultant, Brand Influencer with a focus on media and PR. Cream helps her clients build successful and effective brands.

12 E-commerce Must Haves

12 Must haves for an ecommerce site

Every website is unique, from trendy sites that include: animation, product search, 360 degree product views, and short product videos. No matter how trendy your site may be your overall goal is to convert browsers to Customers. There are certain elements that every e-commerce site should have to stay relevant and competitive. Here is a list of 12 must-have features that attract and keep online shoppers.

  1. Easy To Use: The objective is to help shoppers get to what they want, faster and without running into unnecessary complexity that can clog up the path to purchase.
  2. High Resolution Photos: Images sell, not text. E-commerce websites should display multiple photos per product. The photos need to be high-resolution and optimized for page load.
  3. Mobile Friendly: With a responsive website, content intuitively adapts to whatever device is accessing it to provide the most user-friendly experience.
  4. User Reviews: Shoppers read reviews. About 92% of them, in fact. The star rating on a product is the number one factor used by consumers.
  5. Special Offers: When shoppers realize they’re getting a special deal, it motivates them to buy more and spend more time searching the site.
  6. Find-In-Store: Not all e-commerce sites have brick and mortar stores. However, those that do must have a find-in-store feature. Sometimes you don’t want to wait for an item to ship. Instant gratification.Shoppers are going online just to research and then complete the purchase in person.
  7. Related Items: Simply seeing the phrase, β€œyou might like this” causes a serotonin release signaling curiosity and excitement.Β When an online seller uses a related items feature to sell more, it’s actually signaling to the buyer that β€œthey get me”.
  8. FAQ’s: Complex purchases require confidence with a seller and detailed information when buying products online versus face-to-face. FAQ sections also provide a self-help area to address common customer problems. Buyers often ask about product support, returns, lost account passwords, etc.
  9. Social Media Connection: Social media allows e-commerce brands to show authenticity and associate an emotional connection with their products. Social connection is undeniable and the opportunity to bond with an audience is easier now than ever. Linking social profiles and user-generated content with an e-commerce site are must-have features that will give online sellers brand character.
  10. Security Features: E-commerce websites can be a lucrative target for cyber criminals. It’s crucial that online sellers protect customer information and take steps to ensure privacy. It all starts with a secure e-commerce platform. Examples: Two-factor authentication, a firewall, & privacy policy link in footer.
  11. Detailed Shipping: Alarmingly, unexpected shipping costs are the number one reason for shopping cart abandonment. It’s critical that e-commerce websites include shipping information early in the checkout process, including a zip code calculator showing cost. Shoppers spend 30% more per order when free shipping is included.
  12. Return Policy: Return policies are an essential feature of any e-commerce website. A return policy should be clearly visible and well-written or illustrated. This is another trust-building feature of online selling.

Are you CERTIFIED?[LookBook]

Certified Louie Drops End of the Year LookBook

This year has been one great learning experience for KT, owner of Certified Louie Clothing & Apparel. The brand has been on a year long marketing tour along the East Coast, MidWest, SouthEast, and Southern region of the US. KT has been seen on red carpets, radio shows, magazines as well as landing her first major tour spot as the Official clothing sponsor for the “Quality Over Quantity Tour”

The brand started out as CL logo branded T’s and has upgraded to towels, Hoodies, backpacks, Hats, & more.

Check out their first lookbook featuring Toni Lynn, The DaVinci Kid, & Dayson Taco of The Hailey & Dayson show; collection was shot by Roy Lamar of R. Lamar Photography. Creative Director: Ms. Cream of the Crop

For more information on the Certified Louie brand please visit:

Prideful Oreo Pic Offends Exactly the Kinds of People You’d Think It Would

Oh man: The Kraft Food Facebook page got a dose of pride yesterday when the official image was temporarily changed to a rainbow Oreo. (It appears to be gone now.) We absolutely applaud Kraft and Nabisco for taking a stand, but it’s almost as if the company was trolling its more, uh, conservative customers.

“Now I hate Oreos,” wrote one open-minded consumer on Kraft’s page. “Oreo, your market base is ‘FAMILIES’. how do you get a child? think about it. You are alienating your market base. Wow, geniuses,” wrote another. Anyway, they go on and on and tend to reinforce every stereotype you have about the kinds of people who would take a stand on Facebook against rainbow cookies, but one comment gets to the more crucial question surrounding the image: “gay pride and homophobic beliefs aside, please make those rainbow oreos, they look delicious.”

[via Mashable]–20120626