Shuicide Holla x The Elite Radio Show [@SHUICIDEHOLLA]

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This Saturday on The Elite Radio Show, lyricist of the year, Shuicide Holla will be on #OnTheThrone with my Co-Host Zimaluv and me (Ms. Cream of the Crop). Other guests include, Paper Paulk aka “The Truth”!
Tune in 2p-4p | | LIVE 365 App: Search Hot101 | Watch Live: | Check out Shuicide’s latest video:

Happy New Year!!!


New Year is a time for celebration of love, of life, of Friendship.
Therefore, it is the time to be thankful for wonderful friends, love ones, and acquaintances, and to bring to their lives as much magic as they bring to ours. Have a happy and a memorable holiday!

Please make sure you keep up with our team and affiliates throughout the year, we have several fun and exciting new things coming up that we’d like to share with you and all your friends!! We appreciate the support you’ve shown thus far!!


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