***NEW MUSIC MONDAY*** Akinola – #Freedom (Prod. by Vertygo) (VID)

Sometimes when you stop looking for love, love finds you.

This happens pretty often when it comes to music, at least for me. I have never really looked for new music or looked for a SUPER indie artist that was so DOPE that no one has ever heard of…it all just found me!

I posted a comment on a blog site and this was randomly emailed to me and I had to post it immediately as my #NewMusicMonday post! Watch and I’m sure you’ll agree!

“Freedom is a State of Mind”

Paying homage to all whom sacrificed their minds, bodies and souls in the sake of freedom. We are very appreciative of the fight and everlasting legacy left from our pass generations. Never taken for granted we strive to push forward change in this new world order.

Akinola’s video “Freedom” was shot in New Port, RI by I’ve Just Imagined November 2012. Released on November 6, 2013 Freedom is featured Putugah Takpaw Phenomn. The song is produced by Vertygo and edited by I’ve Just Imagined. Native to Pawtucket, RI Akinola and Putugah Takpaw Phenom brings a unique and very creative element to the culture of hip hop. They are determined to inspire his listeners to think and live beyond the status quo and to live up to their supreme and higher expectations

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Artist Akinola
Artist Putugah Takpaw Phenom
Executive Producers Ivery T Johnson, Justin Thomas
Director Justin Thomas
Videographer Ivery T Johnson
Editor Ivery T Johnson