25 Signs That Your Man Might Suffer From “BitchAssness” Posted by yaya2012 in Don’t Be A DUMB B*tch

7 out of every 10 males have been infected by Bitchassness.  In rare instances this disease is treatable. Bitchassness can be temporary when brought on by, temporary insanity, a jolt of jealousy, depression, brokenness and unpopularity.  If cured, these situations will make bitchassness untraceable in your blood.  However, this disease has infected 100’s of thousands of men, possibly millions by now, mainly in urban communities.  It is tearing apart families, ruining friendships and ending relationships across the United States of America. We don’t know where this disease derived from, if it’s man-made or something genetic. We don’t see it coming, we don’t know that this man has been infected with Bitchassness Disease, but what we do know is that we must find a cure before it’s too late.

Ladies, we have to be very careful as to not get involved or have any kinds of dealings with a bitch infected male.  Like most diseases, you can’t see the symptoms right away, so you wind up dealing with a dude or even worse giving up pussy to a dude that is a straight bitch! Now you’re part lesbian and U.O.E.N.O. Isn’t that the most horrible feeling ever? Knowing that you gave it up or caught feelings for a B.A.N.? We don’t ever want to find out that the guy we are feeling or the man we are loving has been infected with Bitchassness. We don’t ever want to be the girlfriend of “that bitch a** ni**” We don’t ever want to be associated with that kind of dude.  Did you know that bit*h ni**as are responsible for the deterioration of the ozone layer, as well as being the reason why some women have no edges and why a lot of dudes catch cases.

So if you care about the world you live in you must stop a bitchass ni**a from infecting you and others today.

If your man or the guy you are dating has done or shows any of these signs, it is possible that he has been infected with the “BitchAssness” virus.  Please note that this disease is irreversible. Once a bitch ass always a bitch ass.

  • If he doesn’t support you and your endeavors, he’s an insecure bitch ass.
  • If you’re out with him and a man disrespects you in any way and this guy doesn’t address the situation? He is a bitch ass.
  • If he argues a woman down to the tee, while disrespecting and degrading her to get cool points? He is a bitch ass.
  • If he buys you something, gets mad and either takes it back or ruins it? He is a bitch ass.
  • If your happiness makes him angry? He’s a bitch ass.
  • If he shows no respect for the female species as a whole and everything that comes out his mouth is derogatory, he is a bitch ass.
  • If he talks more shit about your friends than you do in an attempt to stop you from hanging around them? That’s right, your man wears panties when you’re not looking… he’s a gossiping bitch ass at that.
  • If he dick rides other dudes and doesn’t have his own… he’s a bitch ass. Not only is he a bitch ass, he’s a bum ass too. Get rid of him immediately, he can’t do nothing for you but steal your car keys when your sleep and lift money out your purse, drinking up the baby Capri Suns and shit.
  • If he has kids that he doesn’t provide for. He’s a dead beat bitch ass.
  • If he kicks dirt on his friends to you, he’s probably a snitch on top of everything else. If he can tell you what his mans is doing, ain’t no telling who and what else he tellin’. Watch him. He might bring some unnecessary heat to your door with his talking bitch ass.
  • If he makes you pay for the Plan B pill the next day, he’s a bitch ass.
  • If he sweats you for sex and gets mad when you don’t give it up, he’s a thirsty bitch ass.
  • If you turn down his advances because you like his friend and he kicks dirt on you to the friend or dirt on the friend to you, he’s a bitch ass.
  • If he talks down on, or tells you his ex-girlfriends or baby mama’s private business, not only is he a bitch ass but 9 times out of 10 he’s still hittin that.
  • If you confided in him about something and during an argument he throws it in your face, he’s an Untrussable bitch ass.
  • If he cheats on you and lets her disrespect you? GIRL! He is a disrespectful bitch ass.
  • If he doesn’t go with you to the abortion clinic, he’s a bitch ass.
  • If he talks greasy to you in front of people, he’s a frontin’ bitch ass.
  • If he  is always breaking up with you without telling you why, he’s an insensitive bitch ass.
  • If he wears Yankee fitteds with the huge NY logo on it he’s a corny bitch ass lol
  • If he is always shopping for himself and never brings you home anything he’s a selfish/inconsiderate bitch ass
  • If he never compliments you he’s a jealous bitch ass
  • If he makes you cry more than he makes you smile, he’s a mean ole bitch ass
  • If he puts his hands on you, he is a bitch ass that needs his hands chopped off at the wrist.  
  • If the only time he makes you feel good is when his dick is in you, he’s a bitch ass and you might possibly be…. a dumb ass

 Ladies, is the man you’re seeing a bitch ass? Fellas, are you a bitch ass?


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