My Disabled Instagram Page

I have been frustrated with Instagram for quite sometime. From the followers who follow to unfollow, the ghost followers, and all of the people in between. I felt like I was running in circles, posting and uploading, day in and day out. I was glued to IG for more than one reason: work, clients and … Continue reading My Disabled Instagram Page

Are you one of these artists?

Four Things All New Artists Should Avoid If you're on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat...ANY social media platform I'm pretty sure you've seen or fallen victim to one of these scenrios! This video was informative and hilarious, especially coming from someone who works in media. Someone just starting their music career is faced with a … Continue reading Are you one of these artists?

Payment Sunglasses?

Visa Announcements: Payment Sunglasses & World Surf League When our station, 216 The Beat Radio, received word during SXSW that VISA would be showcasing "payment sunglasses" we were confused yet intrigued. I am an accessories junky and always looking for an excuse to purchase new sunnies. My collection holds a near and dear spot in … Continue reading Payment Sunglasses?

Be.Think.Live.Elite. Contest

Contest!! Contest!! Contest!! We're giving 2 winners chance to win and Elite T-Shirt, Elite Journal/Planner & 1 other surprise gift!! Rules: Must be following my Instagram page: mscreamofthecrop Like my Radio Show Page: The Elite Radio Show Answer this statement: "An alien abducted you. Give 3 reasons why it would send you back to earth." … Continue reading Be.Think.Live.Elite. Contest

Happy New Year!!!

New Year is a time for celebration of love, of life, of Friendship. Therefore, it is the time to be thankful for wonderful friends, love ones, and acquaintances, and to bring to their lives as much magic as they bring to ours. Have a happy and a memorable holiday! Please make sure you keep up … Continue reading Happy New Year!!!