SandBox Living feat. Myisha Raeshayle [VID] {@RhymeandReason @JstarTheDreamer}

SandBox Living is the 1st single off of the Upcoming project titled “SandBox Dreaming” from 1/4 of Rhyme x Reason JStar The Dreamer. Produced By Archie Green. For more music from Rhyme x Reason visit Twitter @RhymeandReason @JstarTheDreamer Instagram @Jstar_TheDreamer @TheCreativeMindofPortClinton


If you know me…really REALLY REALLY know me then you already know how I feel about Rhyme and Reason!!!  Artist like J Star and Port Clinton make me proud to wear CLE across my chest. These guys are the epitome of lyricist, artist, and entertainers. I believe in supporting those that are talented and deserve my support. I would buy a ticket, tshirt, sticker, CD, 5 panel snap back….you get the picture…from these guys! Support the fam man, check out the vid leave a “like” and a comment!

The Introduction Of Port Clinton (@RhymeandReason)

You should really consider this free download a gift!! Port Clinton is 1/2 of Rhyme and Reason. He happens to be one of my favorite underground rappers in Cleveland. Although, I have a short list of my favorite hometown rappers that I keep on the hush, I’m letting it out the bag on this one. His talent is undeniable!!



  1. Port World
  2. Fettichini
  3. Armageddon
  4. I Wanna Rock
  5. Teacher’s Manual
  6. How Dare