D R O G A S Light – Lupe’ Fiasco

https://open.spotify.com/album/2utMSPHiSIHEg2vb9awgDi Lupe' Fiasco is back with DROGAS Light. After several posts alleging that Lupe' was retiring from the game, this album drops. I must admit that Lupe' was putting out sleepers for awhile, IMO. I have always been a fan of Lupe'. I liked his stance on certain subjects, his fearlessness when came to speaking … Continue reading D R O G A S Light – Lupe’ Fiasco

Farewell President Obama

https://youtu.be/siyBp8Csugk   President Obama gave his heartwarming farewell speech lastnight via NBC News. Millions tuned in as he recounted his days as the United States Commander in Chief. The speech was filled with the same Panache that we saw in during his first Inaugural speech 8yrs ago. The same tears streamed down faces as they … Continue reading Farewell President Obama