25 Signs That Your Man Might Suffer From “BitchAssness” Posted by yaya2012 in Don’t Be A DUMB B*tch

7 out of every 10 males have been infected by Bitchassness.  In rare instances this disease is treatable. Bitchassness can be temporary when brought on by, temporary insanity, a jolt of jealousy, depression, brokenness and unpopularity.  If cured, these situations will make bitchassness untraceable in your blood.  However, this disease has infected 100’s of thousands … Continue reading 25 Signs That Your Man Might Suffer From “BitchAssness” Posted by yaya2012 in Don’t Be A DUMB B*tch

S.H.U The Album VLOG Part 1 Directed By Ced Lynch {@ShuicideHolla}

Shuicide Holla is one to watch!!! He seems to be doing all the things needed to put himself in the position to be next!!! Lol, it's the quiet ones you have to watch!!!

Spazz aka @SpazzieShakur x The Elite Radio Show

Hosts @mscreamofthecrop and @zimaluv of #TheEliteRadioShow welcome hip hop artist Spazz #OnTheThrone THIS Saturday | July 27th | 2p-4p | HOT101.NET | Download the LIVE 365 App on iTunes or Google Play | ustream.tv/theeliteradioshow || #WelcomeToCreamsWorld #KeepingItRealWithZimaLuv

NEW Veeno “B.D.K.M.V.” (Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe Re-Twist) [@veenohamz]

Cleveland based artist Veeno decided to put his own 'Twist" to the 'Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe' beat thus producing the "Re-Twist". I've watched Veeno grow as an artist and each track that he spits on shows his progression...keep up with this guy he's definitely determined to make it!! #KushNerds if you don't know, you'll … Continue reading NEW Veeno “B.D.K.M.V.” (Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe Re-Twist) [@veenohamz]

Skeem – NYE (feat. Noby) directed by Mike Clum [@ponziskeem @mikeclum]

Skeem - NYE (feat. Noby) - NYE song produced by Noby & Jay Bryce, scratching performed by DJ Jack Da Rippa - NYE video directed by Mike Clum The NYE Single will be available on iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, XBox music, so you can get the music.

Author Really Rashida releases new book ‘Toxic’ [@reallyrashida]

Author Rashida Williams aka Really Rashida begins her book tour this month: Make sure go to http://www.podomatic.com/reallyrashida & check out our interview #TheToxicTour #WelcomeToCreamsWorld

Some Kinda Wonderful (VID) “SomeKindaWonderful Trailer”

You've heard of iPhonic...right?!!! Well Ben and Gibson have formed a new band...Some Kinda Wonderful. I like the vibe of the song on their current video trailer and I can't wait to hear more! Check it out:

Just A Thing [Official Music Video] (@ponziskeem)

Two-one-six, through and through, Ponzi Skeem, is an understated talent in the Cleveland Hip-Hop community. Ask “Skeem” what his inspirations are and he won’t take long to answer, “Good Music, no gimmicks.” Skeem provides an eclectic blend of gritty beats reminiscent of the mid 90′s hip-hop revolution, witty word play and substance. His secret weapon … Continue reading Just A Thing [Official Music Video] (@ponziskeem)


If you're into REAL Hip Hop then you'll definitely become a fan of Jay-Five from the jump. From the production to his lyrical prowess, Midnight Roses doesn't disappoint.  Jay Five spits like he's putting out fires! Download Mixtape here:  http://www.tinyurl.com/Midnight4Ev5r