Pharoahe Monch releases retrospective set ‘Lost In Translation’

Pharoahe Monch Lost in Translation cover

Pharoahe Monch Lost in Translation back cover

Pharoahe Monch’s Lost In Translation” is a collection of previously released songs from his solo albums as well as features from 2000 to 2015.  Love being the consistent theme birthed the decision for a Valentine’s Day 2015 release. Featured on this set are appearances from Justin Timberlake, Jill Scott, Eric Roberson, dEnAuN, Brandon Williams, Sergio Mendes, Will.I.Am, Robert Glasper, Sa Ra, and Mela Machinko.  The set also features one new track “Home (HGH)” featuring Phonte’ and Tamisha.

The title (taken from the film staring Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansen) is alluding to the fact that many of these songs have gone undiscovered by the public at large and more importantly Pharoahe’s direct fan base.  W.A.R Media presents Pharoahe’s love letter to his fans on this day of love.

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JEAN GRAE : NEW MUSIC “Gotham Down” #JeanGrae #WarMedia

Gotham Down Cover

In true Jean Grae fashion the unpredictable Ms. Grae drops”Gotham Down: cycle 1: Love in Infinity (Lo Fi) “ with almost no warning during A3C. “First to confuse the fuck out of everyone while also setting out to make the point of time and space, how it pertains to our lives and our fates — if it exists; in what form it exists,” explains Jean. “Gotham Down” highlights Jean’s love for producing, all beats were created by Jean Grae with no sampling. Combining the ideas of speed, sounds and harmonies while jumping in and out of story lines, Grae continues to deliver her lyrics with the usual powerful flow.

 “I think all of our past, present and future spaces are intertwined, all folded into each other. If you change your present, it changes your future and your past.  If you recognized that you had the ability to knowingly jump around in space-time, you would definitely shift things, either for the best or not. Basically, it’s a kick-ass story about the good and evil within us, our abilities to do superhuman things, and the understanding of our place in the multiverse. And boys.” Grae describes the project as complicated and as simple as that.

“Gotham Down” is a concept album that in proper reality sequence would follow the yet to be released “Cake or Death” album, at least in terms of storytelling. “Gotham Down”opens with an excerpt of Pharoahe Monch’s storyline from “Assassins” but it is now 2016. “Gotham Down Cycle 1: Love In Infinity” will take the listener on an exploration of post apocalyptic and infinite love with heavy bass, and a full, futuristic sound.

Gotham Down contains 6 songs along with the bonus track, “Kill Screen”and is available for download here: JEANGRAE.COM

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Jean Grae – Kill Screen (Official Music Video)