Lil Yachty Discuss His Album, Fashion, Haters, and More with Snoop Dogg on GGN [VID]

MERRY JANE If you haven't boarded the Lil Yachty lil' boat yet, you need to pack your pots and pans and exit that cave you've been living in--immediately. The eccentric Atlanta rapper is a star on the rise and definitely one you can't miss. Well-known for his signature fire-engine-red braids, Yachty made a name … Continue reading Lil Yachty Discuss His Album, Fashion, Haters, and More with Snoop Dogg on GGN [VID]

Fabolous The Icon | Key to Brooklyn Icon Talks Dinner in Honor of Icon Awards Recipient Fabolous. Moments captured by GerardVictor ( @justgerard ) Held at Manhattan Motorcars Stills by Evan Pierce (@evanpierce) On Thursday March 9th in Brooklyn we celebrated Fabolous receiving an Icon Award. Also the 20 year anniversary of B.I.G.'s passing. Sponsored by Icon Talks and Porsche, … Continue reading Fabolous The Icon | Key to Brooklyn

Are you one of these artists?

Four Things All New Artists Should Avoid If you're on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat...ANY social media platform I'm pretty sure you've seen or fallen victim to one of these scenrios! This video was informative and hilarious, especially coming from someone who works in media. Someone just starting their music career is faced with a … Continue reading Are you one of these artists?

Payment Sunglasses?

Visa Announcements: Payment Sunglasses & World Surf League When our station, 216 The Beat Radio, received word during SXSW that VISA would be showcasing "payment sunglasses" we were confused yet intrigued. I am an accessories junky and always looking for an excuse to purchase new sunnies. My collection holds a near and dear spot in … Continue reading Payment Sunglasses?


ARE YOUR HANDS PROTECTED? There's sunscreen for your to protect you form the sun's harmful rays, medicines and vitamins to protect you from colds and viruses, and hand sanitizer to help protect your hands against germs. I am a HUGE advocate for hand sanitizer! I keep a bottle in all of my bags and use … Continue reading ARE YOUR HANDS PROTECTED?


Now that the clocks have sprung forward, it's time to get ready for Spring! Good afternoon winners! I'm pretty sure you're gearing up for Spring; getting those hauls ready, planning trips and saving those coins! If you're anything like me, you like to spend your coins WISELY! I watch YouTube videos, read reviews, and check … Continue reading ROSY VOXBOX | INFLUENSTER REVIEW

Early Birds Have Better Mental Health Than Night Owls…

I ran across the "Early Bird vs Night Owl" article earlier today on and it was pretty interesting to say the least. I am a Night Owl and always have been. I come alive at night, whether it's laughing/joking around, creative thinking or just being up for no apparent reason. I find it hard … Continue reading Early Birds Have Better Mental Health Than Night Owls…

Gluten Free & Tasty?

Has anyone else tried or has a family member that HAS to eat #GlutenFREE food? It seems like a hassle having to fix more than one meal; using separate cooking utensils, etc. @influenster sent this complimentary #EatWell #VoxBox filled with Gluten free meals. These meals were delicious according  to  my family. Photocred: @mscreamofthecrop (me)   … Continue reading Gluten Free & Tasty?

D R O G A S Light – Lupe’ Fiasco Lupe' Fiasco is back with DROGAS Light. After several posts alleging that Lupe' was retiring from the game, this album drops. I must admit that Lupe' was putting out sleepers for awhile, IMO. I have always been a fan of Lupe'. I liked his stance on certain subjects, his fearlessness when came to speaking … Continue reading D R O G A S Light – Lupe’ Fiasco

Jidenna – B A M B I [TRK]

spotify:album:4409NiSkU4D0ZdQ7cNWDqe Jidenna is back with 'Bambi'. The track is filled with island vibes and woes of a man who croons over losing "the one" who is aptly nicknamed 'Bambi'.