Cleveland OHHA Showcase Wrap Up…

Tonight I had the pleasure of judging the Cleveland Ohio Hip Hop Awards showcase at The Phantasy.

There was a nice turn out and I was happy to see so many people come out and support Cleveland’s Underground rap scene.  There were so many genre’s of rap that was displayed tonight that I have no idea where to begin.

Stacker Starz put on a good show, they opened up by having on of their members sing a cover of one of Alicia Keys tracks and then they broke into their rap performance. T.S.C., Young Guidance and Scrilla of Pangalang Ent., Clevely Clev, Naveet, and many others kicked off the OHHA showcase tour.

Shout out and good luck to all artists as they compete for the honor of winning a spot in the 5 year anniversary show and The 50 Mics prize.

DJ Ball rocked the house with a mixture of music from local artist and regular club bangers. He definitely had the crowd rockin’.

The rap battle began with just one artist, Breezy, who had the guts to sign up first and has the night went on 5 additional artists decided to step up to the plate and get into the battle. One by one Nano and Lo Key ate every rapper that they battled until it came down to them going to head to head. Nano was on top for the first two rounds and Lo Key cameback and hit him with “like Krazie I’ll put you in the Cross Roads” the crowd went wild and it was over!!! Lo Key won hands down. He killed it at the end.

Cleveland gave us a sampling of what they had to offer and who’s next to blow…what will the other cities bring?

Next stop Akron…Friday July 9th…Sky Lounge…we shall see!!

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