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American Dream


The idea that every US Citizen should have equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hardwork, determination, and initiative.

“He could achieve the American dream only by hardwork.”



The definition of a slave is a person who is the property of another and is under the control of the master or a person who is overly influenced by something or someone else.


Slave is defined as to work really hard for a long period of time.

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Is the opportunity to live the “American Dream” really available?

How many people or relatives do you know who have always put in hardwork, determination, and initiative into everything that they do or have done and they still haven’t achieved the “American Dream”?

Is the “American Dream” meant for everyone?

Is slavery now disguised as the “American Dream’?

Let’s start a discussion…what are your thoughts? Encourage your friends, followers, haters, whomever to come on over and join in…

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