Support the Fight Against Domestic Violence


Women have forged a very strong presence in today’s world. Today’s women have multiple hats as homemaker, career woman, wife, mother and friend.  They go about each challenge with the strength and perseverance that must be admired. In their multiple roles women often neglect themselves. Soul of a Woman is designed to remind each and every woman out there why they should be proud of being a woman. This Expo will be the perfect place to help women bring those reasons to life.

This Expo will provide women with the opportunity to be educated, catered to and entertained in a unique environment that will focus exclusively on them. From nutrition to fashion, financial planning to travel & recreation, personal pampering to major health issues, Soul of a Woman will present all pertinent women’s issues to them in one informational, fun and exciting event.

Our Mission

Our goal is simple for this year’s event to bring more awareness to Domestic Violence. There will be Guest Speakers speaking on the devastating effects domestic violence have on women mentally and physically and what you can do to seek help!

Event Date and Location

October 3rd 2010 At the
Embassy Suites 5800 Rockside Woods Boulevard Independence, Ohio 44131
Event starts at 6 PM

Proceeds goes to…

30% goes to each of the following organizations that fight against Domestic Violence and Teen Domestic Violence!

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